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Bulgarian Government To Present New Healthcare Strategy in September
Healthcare minister Radoslav Gaidarski.
Healthcare minister Radoslav Gaidarski.

The Bulgarian Post
2007-07-31 18:05:05

The Government will be ready with the new health plan in September. The updates in the governmental program will be finished at the end of August, the governmental PR service said after Monday's
Cabinet meeting at the Eurxiongrad Residence.

Also by September, it will be decided whether to change the rate of the health insurance contribution. The Strategy is supposed to address the matter of health sector privatization and determine whether to lift the moratorium on the sale of state and municipal health-care facilities.

A decision will be made on hospital restructuring. Ineffective units may be closed down, and new structures may be opened.

At the meeting, the ministers considered the possibility to award concessions for health care activities. They discussed the non-discriminatory treatment of private and public health-care facilities, as well as the possibilities that they apply for financing under various projects on an equal footing.

The Cabinet discussed the monopoly of the National Health Insurance Fund and the possibility to involve other stakeholders in the discussion of the National Framework Agreement. The future Health Strategy may provide for an extension of the period of validity of the National Framework Agreement.

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